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The Flow in an Apartment – Private Residence

The Flow in an Apartment – Private Residence

The project concerns the radical renovation and redesign of an apartment in Filothei. A particular requirement was that the living spaces should serve the social life of the owners.

The main architectural energy that defined the design was the abolition of the fireplace; a remodeling without restrictions to show the planted external environment by achieving a dialogue between the indoors and the outdoors.

This is exactly the moment when one chooses where to start the flow in the spaces. The living room facing the large balcony door absolutely fulfills the goal of offering relaxation. The islet kitchen continues and turns into a dining table, while the bench with the sink, in the same color as the library, continues and turns a buffet in the dining area. An important element of the study was functionality despite its small size.

Apartment / 105 sq.m.
Filothei, Greece
Status: Completed

Design Team:

Yiannis Stamou, Ioanna Polymenea

Construction Supervision:



Giorgos Sfakianakis